About us

Students want to study in world's top ranking universities due to the increasing competition. Most of the world's top universities are located in countries where English is a native language. Universities in these countries require some sort of English test as pre-requisite to the enrolment. PTE is recognised worldwide as one of these aptitude tests. We want to help these bright minds to secure required marks in the PTE exam. Thus, we have build a simulator where they can practice and give mock exams before appearing in the real exam.

As you are preparing for a competitive test whether that be for studying abroad, for visa purposes, to get into the university that you have always dreamt of or to land that scholarship that you need so very much. There is a lot to do and you will need a platform where you can access the questions that you will face in the test and maybe, just maybe, some guidance to help you crack the exam. One thing with competitive tests that you must know is that it is not just about getting that score but getting it as easily as possible and as fast as possible because the time frame to complete these are a very short window.

Rather than spending months/years and your hard-earned money on probably figuring out everything from the scratch, you would be better off to get the proven track in which you can just walk with proper guidance and have all the work done and made ready to consume for you. We believe in this process as wehave seen this method work with many competitive tests taken all around the world, from SATs to PTE. In theory, SAT would be an unimprovable test in a short period and even PTE would be a measure of English. But, in a practical world, all these systems in place have limitations and hence the score can be improved with proper practice, the right content and guided feedback and mentorships.

And here is where you meet us. We provide contents and support to prepare youfor competitive tests. No need to buy a book. Content consumption is going to betoo slow and expensive on both time and money that way. However, with our platform, you get frequently updated question banks based on the feedback from our students who take the real tests. Also, you will be glad to know that individual tests are prepared and maintained by tutors who have experience in teaching and tackling that exam in a competitive scenario. For example, PTE practice questions and mock tests you find in our platform will be developed and maintained by our tutors who have got a perfect score in their exam and had over 2 years of experience in teaching it. Welcome to our platform. We have gone through the journey that you are going and left this here for your help. Hope this serves you well as it has done for 1000s of other students around the world. If you have any doubts, require support, questions or any kind of feedback please be in contact with us. Thank you and enjoy the platform!